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Hydrologic and hydraulic engineers are responsible for the management of surface and ground water systems as well as the preservation and enhancement of the natural river and/or watershed environment. Our engineers develop conceptual designs that interact with water such as spillways and outlet works for dams, culverts for both highways and county roads, and canals or related structures for irrigation projects.

At Speece Lewis Engineers, we believe in ensuring that your structure is properly sized so that its lifespan will last decades into the future with minimal maintenance. Our engineering team will determine exactly how much water is involved, the motion of the water in overland flows, and the occurrence of scour and deposition. These factors are then carefully calculated to determine the most efficiently sized and cost-effective structure to our clients.

Speece Lewis Engineers has the experience and knowledge to effectively provide our clientele with a cost-effective solution to each situation. While we have considerable experience with the private sector, our emphasis on providing hydraulic and hydrologic studies for cities, counties, Natural Resource Districts, the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and the Nebraska Department of Transportation has given us a wide breadth of experience of which to draw upon.

Examples of our experiences are:
  • Sizing drainage structures under roads and bridges ranging from small culverts to multi-span bridges.
  • Providing flood plain certifications and permits.
  • Providing services to help remove land from floodways and flood plains
  • Analyzing and designing storm sewer systems and detention/retention cells.
  • Dam rehabilitation and repair.

Understanding flood plain rules and regulations is an important part of procuring necessary permits and we are proud to be able to offer the following Permitting Services as well.

Environmental Permitting and Regulatory Coordination
  • USACE Nationwide 404 Permitting
  • USACE Individual Permitting
  • USACE 408 Permitting
  • Wetland Delineation/Mitigation/Monitoring
  • USFWS Coordination
  • Nebraska Game and Parks Coordination