Bridge Design
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Bridge Design

We understand that Bridges and Box Culverts represent a huge investment for their owner. Speece Lewis Engineers will furnish you with a design that will serve your needs for many years into the future. We will analyze both your current needs as well as anticipated growth into the future. Our bridge design team will ensure that your structure meets all the Federal guidelines of design and safety standards while still being easily and affordably constructed. Our experience in structural design ranges from small box culverts to multiple span viaducts

Speece Lewis Engineers recognizes that the most cost-effective way to maintain your road network is by rehabilitating your existing structures wherever possible. Often, we can suggest an efficient repair or rehabilitation plan for your culvert, box culvert or bridge.

Return clientele that we consistently work with includes Cities, Counties, and the Nebraska Department of Transportation.

Bridge Engineering Services
  • Vehicular and Pedestrian Bridge Design
  • Preliminary Bridge Design
  • Final Bridge Design
  • Inspection of Existing Bridges
  • NBIS Inspections
  • Fracture Critical Bridge Inspections
  • Pre-Stressed Concrete Girder Bridge Design
  • Steel Girder Bridge Design
  • Cast In-Place Concrete Bridge Design
  • Deck Slab Bridge Design
  • Falsework Design
  • Temporary Shoring
  • Bridge Rehabilitation
  • Reinforced Concrete Box Culvert Design
  • Other Structural Design Related Services